About Us

Icon Property Management was established as a Real Estate Investment Company in 2004.

Building on its entrepreneurial approach to real property investment, its professionalism and vision, Icon Property Management was formed to take advantage of the extensive, prosperous real estate market. By leveraging the knowledge and over 30+ years of combined experience of its company principals, Icon Property Management continues a long history of exceptional performance and a commitment to seeking real estate opportunities in all markets. Icon Property Management controls a portfolio of diverse investments in residential property, commercial real estate, and endeavors such as apartment construction/management.

Icon Property Management specializes in land acquisition, real estate development and management, architectural design and engineering. In a supply constrained market, Icon Property Management has secured a reputation for successfully planning, building and developing high quality properties with predictable investment returns. Every property is thoroughly researched and investigated enabling us to make the most feasible underwriting conclusions.

We have also built net worth through buying and then selling properties to other developers and builders - a complementary business that is a natural extension of our market presence, analysis and awareness.

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